this is insane!

i don't follow news that much, but i just happen to learn Bush vetoed SCHIP bill yesterday?? One of the said reasons being because it's too expensive?? (this bill cost as much as keeping US troops in Iraq for 29 days.. ) I'm moving to Canada or Sweden or Denmark as soon as thesis is done!

bomb threat?.. are you kidding me?

I'm no expert in web technology, but how anonymous is an anonymous email? I'd think it should not be extremely hard to trace that down to a specific computer, no?
Such an email  was sent with a bomb threat for Mellon Institute and Doherty hall here at CMU. Both buildings house chemistry labs..  i'm sceptical they'd find anything (nothing have been found so far - 2.5 hours since evacuation). If its' an insider joke- i do hope they'd trace that not so smart person down.

I'd like to say that the emergency alert thing that CMU now offers proved to be useful. I got a call on my cell phone telling me about a bomb threat message received before the fire alarm was turned on in the building, thus i knew that we'd most likely won't be allowed back into the building. Majority of building occupants had no idea, thus left the building without their bags/keys/phone etc.. as they'd do when a typical (false) fire alarm comes on. i got two more calls from that systems within 40 minutes or so with the updates  (the last saying that the buildings are closed till tomorrow noon). It certainly helped to have the information as soon as.

So anyways, the moral of the story is - Sign up for the emergency alert thing if you haven't done so already.


i'm really getting into it this game. my backhand doesn't really exist though, and i think i got to the point that i'm willing to pay money for some sort of lessons to get thing progress better..
The other day i realized why i like CMU courts more than say Highland Park or Shenley ones. Oddly enough it has nothing to do with the surface or the walls (which i wish were flat!).. These courts are right next to the Fine Arts building  (or whatever it's called), and even on sundays you can hear students practicing on various instruments. That reminds me of my times in music school and choir, rehearsals with orchestras, studio recordings.....  i miss all that so much.. For a long time i had this dream of being a conductor of a children choir..  maybe i'll still do that someday.
Anyways, back to tennis, we are looking for girls interested in joining a women team for CMU IMs that will start in couple weeks. i believe CMU affiliation is required, but i might be wrong on that one.. if interested, let me know!


once every now and then i wish there was a somewhat safe procedure to silent that part of me that's controlled by emotions.
but then the next minute i think it would not be interesting to live without any. so i guess ideally i'd like to have a control mechanism. But then again, that's me trying to come up with ways to apply logic to emotions.  Ha ha.

originally this journal was created to keep up with the news from my Alma Mater.
for a few days now i was thinking that maybe i'd also write smth as it might be interesting to look back sometime. ( i guess this is due to a realization that emotions and feelings tend to fade overtime, and i there is some sort of a will to keep them?...)

It's quite possible that this journal will end up being much more personal than anybody needs to know. however, i guess i'm mostly writing this for myself so at the end it doesn't really matter all that much. At the same time i might get some useful insight on things..

i have to say that i'm really tired of the fact that most of my life over last n years is/was according to a principle "that which doesn't kill us makes us stronger". tired. while there is surely quite a bit of luck ( or lack of thereof, depending on your definition of luck, can it be negative?..) in all this, i have to do smth about it.

on a good note, i'm glad it's finally warm here, flowers and fresh green leaves all around make me feel good.
good night.
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